Key Considerations For A Successful Teacher Essay

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1.) Which of the following considerations would be most important to someone committed to looking at outcome measures?
a. Qualified teachers are in the positions that they were specifically trained for
*b. Students are engaged in class discussions
c. Textbooks are up-to-date
d. Teachers are incorporating new technology into their teaching methods
(Pg: 68-69) Reasoning: Input goals deal more with what we as the schools can provide for the children, such as resources. On the other hand output goals deal with the students responsibilities. Students are more involved in engaged in material, rather than just being lectured to.
Comprehension: Understanding the learned facts enough to recognize them in a more immersed situation.
2.) After her divorce Lisa is forced to move to a lower income part of town. She is worried about the education her children will receive at the local school, which has a poor rating. Her daughter currently excels at science and wants to become a rocket scientist. Lisa’s neighbor tells her about a school that not only has great ratings for core curriculum, but has a strong emphasis on science. The neighbor warns that the girl must be accepted to the school, and that acceptance is based on academic achievement, but Lisa is thrilled. What type of school is Lisa’s neighbor most likely referring to?
a.) Charter
b.) Private
c.) Montessori
*d.) Magnet
(pg: 77-78) Reasoning: Magnet schools specialize in a specific area are such as STEM, performing arts, or…

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