Essay about John Keats 's Life And Life

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During the time that John Keats was alive he was not a well-known poet, he was just another man walking the streets, but a few years after he died he changed the way that romantic poetry would be seen forever. Born on October 31 1795, he was the oldest of four children, with two younger brothers, and a younger sister. Keats and his family had a good life while Keats was still young. But, when Keats’ father got a head injury from falling off of a horse one afternoon, Keats life almost fell apart. After the passing of his father, Keats’ mother remarried. Two months into the marriage Keats mother left her new husband and ran off, leaving Keats and his younger siblings with their grandmother. Keats as a child was known as a good child, but was also known for getting into fights. A few years later when Keats mother came back, Keats fell back on track. Even though his mother passed away a few days later after her return it helped Keats get his life back on track. In the article “John Keats,” it goes on to say that Keats grandmother made Richard Abbey and John Rowland Sandell the legal guardian of Keats and younger siblings. During the time that Keats was with them he was going to Clarke School, at the age of fifteen Abbey took out Keats from Clarke School and sent him to a London hospital to study medicine. In 1816 Keats had gained his license to be a surgeon but never put it to use, he decided to entertain people with his writing (“John Keats”). Keats published fifty-four poems…

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