Is It Possible? Social Life? Essay

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Is it possible to interpret social life? According to sociologists throughout history, it is. Sociologists use theories to explain how facts are related. To interpret social life there are three main theories that are referenced. Those theories are, the Symbolic Interactionism Theory, the Conflict Theory, and the Functional Analysis Theory. The functional analysis theory focuses on the fact that society is a whole unit composed of various parts. It recognizes that each part has a specific function. The conflict theory views society as a constant competition for scarce resources. Finally, the symbolic interactionism theory focuses on how an individual uses symbols to understand and communicate.These theories are based off of social status, interaction and structure. They each have a different overall focus, but they also have underlying similarities. Currently sociology can be categorized on two different levels. The micro level, which consists of small-scale patterns and the macro, which consists of large-scale patterns. Each of these theories falls on to one of these levels. The conflict theory and the functionalist theory are similar in that they are both on the macro level. They both focus on groups of people or society as a whole. While the symbolic interactionism theory falls onto the micro level because it focuses more on individual interaction, or one aspect of society at a time. Another similarity that occurs between the conflict and functionalist theories is gender…

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