Is It A Hobby, But A Business? Essay

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We all have that one activity we love to do. It is something used to take our minds off the stress of the day; it is our escape. However, there comes a time when this activity becomes more than a hobby and under US tax laws and regulations is considered a business. But, how can you tell if what you’re doing is no longer a hobby, but a business instead?

As defined by the Internal Revenue Services, IRS, a hobby is an activity not executed with the hopes of making a profit. To determine the status of your activity, taxpayers are advised to follow appropriate guidelines to avoid misfiling an activity considered a business as a hobby. The IRS affirmed that there is almost $30 billion per year in unpaid taxes due to incorrect deductions when a business is deducted or exempted from taxes because they were claimed as hobbies.

So, is it a business or just a hobby
A business is any activity done with the intention of making a profit. While taxpayers may deduct necessary expenses for day-to-day business operation; this expense must be accepted and common in the business or trade. To determine what an appropriate expense is and to differentiate between a business and a hobby, you should take the following into consideration:
Is your income based solely on the activity or is it a source of income?
Is the activity done with the intention of making a profit?
Did you change your method of operation to increase profitability?
Did similar activity yield a profit in the past?
Have you ever…

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