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How does international business achieve its internationalization objectives in the contemporary context?

In today’s prosperous modern society, Multinational Corporation and international organisation becomes a common key factor in increasing economic and social interconnection. Globalization grows mobility of goods and services, and expands business in all dimensions. To enterprise an international business is indeed a complex level of soaring towards the international trade. In order to up keep the business standards and objective, Silkenat, Aresty & klosek (2009) believes that trust is a fundamental matter in business trade. It gives reliability and a continuation business relationship.

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ILO process to globalize and its impact
ILO started in the history, created its core objective to help human rights and promoting standard labour rights internationally. ILO acts as a specialize agency with the alliance of United Nation to expands its connections with other members of the countries (Thomas 1996). Weiss (2010) mentioned that organizations that are built up geographically huge are able to influence foreign countries involved.

Kutscher & Baurle (1997) states that for an organization to globalize a lot of time and effort have to be scarify. Kutscher & Baurle (1997) studied about the multidimensional strategies of internationalization that are needed to process.

One of the few reasons ILO was able to successfully internationalise was because of its early organization created as government, workers and employers see its core competencies to foreign market as the nation lacks (Kutscher & Baurle 1997). The number of countries operating such activity like ILO influences the degree of internationalization of the corporation.

Value added
Next ILO (2012) also has a value added program like its new partnership with Better Work created in 2007. ILO (2012) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) launched a partnership programme Better Work. This program acts like a tool to improve both labour and competiveness in global supply chains. It is design to train, advise, create

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