`` Indian Camp `` By Ernest Hemingway Essay

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Ernest Hemingway once said ”there is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.” In the story “Indian Camp” Nick, his father and his uncle George travel to an Indian Camp where there is a woman who is having trouble in labor. When approached, the woman is screaming on top of her lungs. Nick asks why, and his father has to explain to him that she is in labor. Nick has an uneasy feeling and keeps looking away. Nick’s father started operating on her without any anesthetic, having multiple men hold her down. After the baby is delivered, the woman is pale and unconscious. Nick’s father is just proud of what he did, so he runs to the bunk to go get the father. When he enters he sees that the father has slit his own throat with a razor. Nick see’s even though his father tries to protect him from it. On their way home, he apologizes to Nick for bringing him on the trip. Nick asks his father is people kill themselves often with his dad responding that not many people do. After, Nick then believes he will never die, because he thinks the only way to die is by killing yourself, which is something he wouldn’t do. Ernest hemingway’s short stories “Indian Camp” and “The Doctor and The Doctor’s Wife” reveals Nick Adams’ transition into an adult, where adults model that racism, sexism, and coming of age are acceptable characteristics of a man.
Ernest hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois on July 21,1899. His mother’s…

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