India Camp Essay

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Indian Camp by Ernest Hemingway

The novel is about a boy, Nick. He is going on a little trip to an Indian Camp with his father and uncle where a pregnant Indian woman needs help. When they first arrive they follow a trail through the logging road with two Indians. The trail leads to the shanty where the pregnant woman is. The woman has big problems giving birth to her child. When the woman is in labour the doctor, Nick’s father, needs to do a caesarian. It is an ugly affair but finally the birth goes well.When they think they are done they find out that the father of the child has committed suicide. The father and the uncle seem to handle it well but they don’t want Nick to see it. He sees it anyway and on their way home he asks his
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It is in the middle of the night and when they row home it is in the early morning.

The main character in the novel is Nick. He is a young and ignorant boy. His father has decided to take Nick with him so he can learn something. At first Nick is very curious but when the father starts to operate the pregnant woman Nick suddenly experiences the roughness of the real life. It is a very intense and uncomfortable experience for Nick. For example when the Indian woman screams he asks his father please to stop it. Nick also refuses to watch when the father operates.

The father and the uncle are both very cool and masculine in the things they do. An example is when the doctor just has finished the big operation of the Indian woman and the doctor says “That’s one for the medical journal”. That, and the note that says that it is like being in a dressing room after a football match, makes the mood of this scene very masculine and cool.

In the start of the text on their way to the Indian Camp in rowboats Nick lays back with his fathers arm around him. Nick seeks security and his father protects him. Nicks father probably sees the trip as a part of Nick is growing up. At the surgery the father is carried away in all his postoperative exhilaration and forgets that Nick is still is a boy. When Nicks experience the woman’s violent birth and sees the terrible sight of the father of the child’s suicide he is shocked. The relationship between the father and Nicks

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