I Want For A Leader Essay

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1. I want to be a Wyldlife leader because I want to be someone that middle schoolers can talk to about Jesus, personal struggles, friendship troubles, school, and life in general. As a middle schooler, I was really insecure and had issues with friends, but I was really close to my Wyldlife leaders. They were always full of advice and good role models. I want to be like that for middle schoolers because I’ve been through many of the same things. Also, throughout middle school and the beginning of high school I really struggled connecting with Jesus, so I know how hard that is and how to get through it.
2. The purpose of Young Life is to help young people meet, understand, and truly love Jesus. The leaders are Christian examples that are always there to talk to or hangout with. Young Life teaches about the Bible and what is like to live like Christ everyday and helps people that feel empty or broken feel whole with Jesus.
3. I’m really easy to talk to, open to ideas, creative, reliable, organized, a good listener, and responsible. I’ve always been kind of quiet when in situations that I don’t know many people, so I can easily sympathize with middle schoolers that don’t know many leaders or have never been to Wyldlife. I’m very observant, so I notice things about people and that’s how I like to get to know people. I love helping people whether it is with homework, making choices, or just advice in general.
4. My whole life, I’ve grown up going to Catholic Church every week. My…

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