I Read Over This Summer Is Naked Economics : Undressing A Dismal Science By Charles Wheelan

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The book I read over this summer was Naked Economics: Undressing a Dismal Science by Charles Wheelan. I actually enjoyed the book and it was a very informational book about the overall importance of economics and how to understand them. Over all 12 chapters, Wheelan went into full description of how several aspects of microeconomics makes a difference and modern day examples of uses of economics worldwide. The first three chapters were basically an introduction to the world of economics, which was really useful in giving me a glance at what I will possibly be learning in my upcoming AP Economics course.
Chapter 4 is all about the government: how it is beneficial and what is its role in economics. The start of this chapter is him describing an unfavorable experience with the postal service where he does not receive his due mail for a long period of time. This account starts the development of the two main focuses of the chapter. Focus one, he stated, “government should not be the sole provider of a good or service unless there is a compelling reason to believe that the private sector will fail in that role.” (pg. 82). This fact really helped me to understand that economics does not just involve the government: they need our help. The mediocre task of delivering mail is beneficial to the government because it must get done to help the economy run smoothly. If the government was to do this job, we would lack on other important task and we would have a very inefficient…

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