I Feel The Purpose Of The Young Life Ministry Essay

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I feel the purpose of the Young Life ministry is to show students the power of God and teach them how to start or continue on in their faith journey all while having fun and being in a safe environment. Young Life shows that learning about God doesn’t only have to be a serious but can also be fun and with friends. Some fun ways include going to club and paying games then listening to a leader speak or going camp and listening to talks by the guest speaker. At both of these you are able to have fun and be serious while trying to expand you faith. Another purpose of Young Life is to show that you have people that want to support you and show you that you aren’t alone in your journey. They want to show you how to get through the hard times in life and that God has a plan no matter what even if it is not what you envisioned. This is so meaningful because you are able to be in a safe and non-judgmental place where you can talk about anything on your mind. Being in middle or high school can make you feel alone even though you are never alone, there is always someone that is in a very similar position as you who can help you or guide you through.
My circumstances of committing to Jesus started in 7th grade when I first when to Wyldlife. Before coming I had been going to church almost every Sunday but not caring and not believing what was said. After attending a few clubs I started wondering about Jesus and what Brian had been said about him. Then I went to snow camp and after each…

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