Essay on How The Lord Has Been At Work

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1. Describe how you came to know Christ, giving highlights of your walk with Him since that time. Describe how the Lord has been at work in your life recently.

I was saved when I was seven years old. I was in the car with my mom listening to my cassette tape from children’s choir. When it came to the part were it presented the Gospel, I told my Mom “I got it.” I understood that I was a sinner and I needed Jesus to save me from my sins. We pulled over and prayed right there and I received Jesus into my heart. During my early education years, I attended Sunday Services and School, Children’s Choir, and Wednesday night events regularly as well as many Navigators urban ministry children’s programs due to my parents being missionaries. These I always enjoyed working on Scripture memory. However, these did not connect with my heart and I often found myself in trouble with my parents and school during these years. When I entered middle school, my parents moved us from Chicago to Chesterton, IN. I struggled in my first year of middle school and started to cling to God. My Jr. high youth pastor Scott, took me under his wing and would often pour into my life on Sunday afternoons during the next two years. When I entered high school, I went to my church’s outreach ministry and learned from three godly men. That summer, I applied for a week at Camp Barakel as a teen worker. The teen worker program at camp is a life-on-life discipleship program…

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