Hardships Of Their Life Growing Up Essay

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Many people have faced different types of hardships in their life growing up. In my life, the most challenging obstacle I 've faced was having my grandpa, my best friend Randy, and my great grandma pass away all within a short period of time.
While I was in highschool at The Miller School of Albemarle; which was a day and boarding college preparatory school, everyone was required to play a sport of some sort. I was involved in Volleyball, Basketball, and Soccer. While playing sports I also had to focus on my academics. My freshman year was a good year until my grandpa passed away from lung cancer. He and I were very close and I looked to him as a father figure. I’ve never experienced a loss such at that. My whole world turned around, and it made getting back into my routine-very difficult. I looked at my family 's future and I realized I had to help my grandma and make sure I was there for her. She had always wanted me to focus and do good in school so I had to keep pushing on for her.
I had just began my senior year, excited, but most of all very nervous. This was the year of senior chapel talks, college applications, applying for scholarships and also, trying to figure out what I wanted to do for the next four years of my life. September of my senior year, my best friend Randy passed away from a motorcycle accident. He and I have known eachother since we were seven years old and were very close with each others families. I knew he’d want me to keep focusing on my college…

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