Essay on Happiness Is The Good Life

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In our world, every action and decision is made with the hope of eventually reaching a common goal: to find oneself living “the good life.” This life includes a well-paying job and sprawling house and garden, inside which resides a cookie-cutter family and a dog. This is the good life and any deviation is considered less-than; it’s what everybody is working to achieve, to look back at all of the victories and feel a sense of success. Once one has obtained this life, he or she is at the optimal place in society, having hurdled all obstacles and having met all goals. Now, he or she can be truly happy. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to meet a person who actually fits all of these requirements. The last one, especially, seems rather hard to come by. Happiness is subjective because it depends so heavily on one’s own preferences and perceptions. However, a main point that is known to boost and even ensure happiness is the companionship and love one shares with other people. This love is much more important than any possessions are, and to feel such a powerful emotion overshadows any longing for victory in the Game of Life. Economic and social success seem petty when compared to family and friends, and I’ve noticed that those who make themselves sick with the struggle for those unreachable goals are oftentimes lacking when it comes to companionship and, therefore, genuine happiness. The quest for the good life is of little concern to those who are content with their own good…

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