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It has been a crazy summer ‘16 for NBA free agency. This wild off-season began on July 1, where many teams threw massive money at literally anyone and everyone because of the new NBA salary cap thanks to a nine-year, $24-billion television deal signed in 2014. Shocking new signings featuring Kevin Durant, who is now residing in the Bay Area with the Splash Bros and Draymond Green. Aside from players getting a new zip code, we also look at players on their current team whose value is about to explode with opportunity and the ability to put on stat-stuffing box scores for your fantasy teams. Even though it’s early in July, it’s time for us fantasy owners to look at some potential breakout players for 2016-2017 whom we shouldn’t ignore on draft day.

Russell Westbrook, OKC PG – Is it crazy that we, fantasy owners actually wanted to see Kevin Durant go elsewhere? Well it’s happening and Westbrook is about to go on an absolute TEAR as the undisputed alpha-dog in OKC. In 61 games without Durant on the court, Russ averaged 28 PPG 7.1 RPG 8.4 APG on 22.5 FGA 4.7 T/O and 41% FG. Those aren’t #1 numbers in 9-category leagues because of the Turnovers and FG%. However, it’s possible Westbrook can improve those numbers with a full training camp with his new squad. Not to mention Enes Kanter and Victor Oladipo are very capable of getting Westbrook’s assists up.

Karl Anthony Towns, MIN C – This young wolf made the biggest leap out of any…

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