Gender Roles : The Luck Of Roaring Camp And The Film The Dolls House

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Men often feel strength in themselves when they evaluate their economic standing compared to other men. Where a man stands in the economic hierarchy of society reveals a lot about what kind of man they are. Men strive to be as high as they can in economical standing. This was especially true during the Victorian era because one’s wealth told people how “manly” they were. The stereotypical male, showcased in literature, was one who could work and make enough money to support an entire family. If a man failed to do this he was considered feminine. There are many examples in literature that discuss what happens when a male could not successfully fulfill his role or uphold his economic standing. This was seen in both The Luck of Roaring Camp and the film The Dolls House. The masculine gender role states that if a man can’t uphold a certain level of wealth, he has not proven himself, nor his manhood. In The Luck of Roaring Camp the hundred, barbaric, rough and tumble men prove to break this stereotype by living a life absent of a family life and live with each other and a prostitute. “One or two of these were actual fugitives from justice, some were criminal, and all were reckless.”(Harte 6) These men were all extremely poor and showed no ambition to expand their horizons and live anywhere outside of the camp. Even though externally you would think they were as masculine as could be, realistically they were not upholding the stereotype due to their low economic standing. They…

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