Essay about Frederick Douglass 's Life Of Life

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The Life of Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglas was raised as a slave, after taking him from his biological mother and given to an elderly woman to raise him, several plantations away from his parents. (Puchner, 2012) This is where he learned how slaves were treated so different, how cruel the whites were and how inhumane they were. He kept hearing the talk of freedom, but in his eyes, he never thought it would ever happen until one day he was shipped to another plantation where the Mrs. Auld started to educate him. (Puchner, 2012) This is where having knowledge showed him that was what made slaves so different from the white man, was education. From that day forward, he vowed to one day to be a freeman and wanted to change the law to where there was no more slavery allowed. (Puchner, 2012) This is where he wanted the truth to be known how they have been getting treated and fought and argued his point why there should not be slavery. Frederick Douglass spoke out against how evil slavery is. He made it a point to show Americans how cruel, un biblical, immoral, unjust and unnatural slavery is.
His first speech was with the, “Garrison’s American Anti-Slavery Society” (Sundstrom, 2012) and then following a narrative he wrote about his autobiography. Before the Civil War, Douglass gave other speeches for an expansion to his slavery argument. Later, he wrote another second biography about himself called, “My Bondage and My Freedom” (Sundstrom, 2012). Some folks argued that…

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