Food Is A Staple Of Human Life Essay examples

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For the extent of human existence, food has been an integral aspect of life and society. Not only does it have diverse cultural, religious, and social significance worldwide, but it is also an essential source of nutrition and thus allows for the survival of life. For people living around the world today, food reflects important historical, geographical, and social aspects of their respective cultures. Thus, food presents itself as a staple of human life for two fundamental reasons: as an essential to survival and as a way to express heritage. A relatively new innovation in the field of food replacements, Soylent is a liquid composed of raw nutrients such as carbohydrates, lipids, and protein, that can be used as a healthy source of nutrition. It offers a more efficient means of sustenance than what has been traditional for thousands of years, allowing for someone to survive without consuming solid food. Although it offers many benefits, such as increased efficiency and reduced cost of food consumption, Soylent also threatens the culture and tradition that is associated with food, thus offering both “hopes” and “nightmares” related to food, as said in the article by Lizzie Widdicombe. While Soylent offers promise in various scientific fields, its potential as a food replacement for the general human population would present negative consequences as a threat to the worldwide cultural significance of food.
As a complete substitute for food that contains all vital nutrients…

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