Essay about Ethics Curriculum At Business Schools

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Recall to the first few years you’ve just graduated from the business school. Now, recall the first time you had to face an ethical issue right in the heart of your job in the actual setting of the business world. As you walk through the memories of how you dealt this ethical situation, can you recall any teachings that the business school has taught you? According to research, there is apparent reason to believe that current business schools have failed students in full preparation of addressing ethical issues in the setting of the business world. For instance, managers within the business world believe that the “ethics curriculum at business schools can best be described as an unsuccessful work-in progress,” (Can You Train Business Students to Be Ethical?). Business schools are failing in the aspect of creating an authentic climate for students to properly address ethical dilemmas they will face within the business world (Business Schools Aren’t Producing Ethical Graduates).

Given the infamous strikes of ethical issues presented by Enron in 2001 and followed by the global financial crisis in 2008, the business world’s light in dealing with such issues has dimmed in the eyes of society. Furthermore, business schools has been placed on a stronger light in terms of churning out these students who will one day enter this companies and tackle on such issues. This is due to the major belief that business schools are the “major pipeline for future leaders of large…

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