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The Essay

“Luka and the Fire of Life” is a nove written by Salman Rushdie. The novel is about a twelve year old boy named Luka Khalifa, and his father, Rushid Khalifa. His father had fallen into a very deep coma, hearing nothing and no one. Luka met a holographic version of his father, named Nobodaddy. Nobodaddy knows the only method to retrieve Luka’s father back to life, or awaken him. He has to steal the fire of life from the world of magic. Luka, Nobodaddy, his pet bear and dog set forth to the World of Magic. As Luka moves on in his adventures, in order to get the fire of life, he gains and loses friends. At the end of his adventures, Luka finally reaches the Mountain of Knowledge, where the Fire of Life lives. Luka had to give a
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Just before the battle, he remembered that his dad had once told a tale about the Old Man. “The Old Man of the River has a beard like a river, it flows right down to his feet. He stands on the Strand with a gun in his hand, the nastiest Old Man you could meet.” (Pg. 51) This didn’t stop Luka from challenging the Old Man of the River of Time and defeating him. This proves Luka is passionate and will do anything to save his father. In the novel, Luka also showed dedication towards his goal, to steal the fire of life and save his father. One example Luka showed dedication was when the alarm went off alerting the God’s that someone was trying to steal the fire of life. Lukas friend, Sorya told him she could not help him go to the Mountain of Knowledge where the Fire of life is, but instead of turning back, Luka walks forwards, and persuades the God’s and convinces them he needs the fire of life.
“And, believe you me, I have a lot to say about all this poppycock, and you had better listen closely, and listen well, because your future depends upon it as much as mine does. You see, I know something you don’t know about this World of Magic … it isn’t your world! It doesn’t even belong to the Aalim, who ever they are, wherever they are lurking right now. This is my father’s World. I’m sure there are other Magic Worlds dreamed up by other people, Wonderlands and Narnias and Middle-earths and whatnot—and I don’t know, maybe

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