Epistemological and Management Research Problem Essay example

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In what ways does the choice of an epistemological perspective or stance influence the formulation of a management research problem?

Epistemology is all about knowledge. It is defined by Bonjour (2002) as “the philosophical study of knowledge; its nature, its requirements and its limitations”. Knowledge is about what you know. How you know what you know is dependent on your perceptions, your views, your reasoning and the reality of it. The first time I came across the question “what is knowledge?” it virtually looks like a simple question that I could easily provide an answer to but in the real sense of it, I realized I was dealing with a complex question which requires a difficult answer. Knowledge is vast but the reality of it is
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The second approach is the Constructionist approach which carries the assumption that there may be many realities about the problem and therefore leave the researcher with the need to gather information from the views and experiences of different observers and authors. From the epistemological perspective, none of these approaches is bad but the choice of a researcher depends on the one that is most likely to provide the best solution to a given situation. The positivism approach can provide wide coverage of the range of situations, they are fast and more economical but they are not flexible and not very helpful in generating processes. On the other hand, the constructionist approach have ability to look into change processes, they are not rigid and can adjust to new issues.


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