Essay on Emily Dickinson 's Life And Life

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Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson is one of America’s most well known poets. Ironically during her time, she chose to seclude herself from her family and friends towards the end of her life. She chose to live her life from within her property. Most wouldn’t have expected her to become such a well known poet. She wrote about 1800 poems throughout her lifetime. One thing we can learn from Emily Dickinson is that greatness can come from those who you would least expect. Emily Dickinson was born in 1830 to Edward and Emily Dickinson. She had two other siblings. Emily Dickinson was the middle child. Her brother was about a year and a half older. She also had a sister who was three years younger than her. Emily’s father was a well known lawyer during his time. Emily attended school with her siblings at Amherst Academy. Unlike most students, Emily loved to learn new things and she especially loved her teachers and classmates. During her schooling time, her studies revolved around science and botany. This is why many of her poems involve several different types of flowers. She especially loved studying about chemistry and nature. Later on in life, she attended Mount Holyoke Female Seminary for only one term. While in attendance, she looked up to Principal Leonard Humphrey. His death is what inspired Dickinson to begin to think about poetry. Emily chose not to attend a second term at the seminary. The reasons are unclear, yet some people believe that her father did not want her to…

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