Education And Quality Of Life Essay

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There are many levels of education; furthermore some are generally more lucrative than others. Money enables one to purchase needs and wants, since some levels of education on average pay higher than others, as a result those who have higher educations will be able to purchase more needs and wants, consequently leading to a higher quality of life. Research is going to show that there is a strong positive relationship between education and quality of life. Quality of life was used over income as income is speaking solely in terms of money, but quality of life gives a greater feel of what an impact education can have on how you live. Quality of life refers to what you can buy yourself and your family with money such as a better house, furniture, location, etc. The focus is on income with a High School education compared to income without a High School education, for the reason that it is more relevant for my audience. All statistics for income are from Statistics Canada.
Starting off simple these are graphs for how many high school graduates make a certain income, and then how many high school dropouts make the same income. The same concept applies for the other graphs as well. For example, 3.1 High School Graduates make $80,000 a year for every 1 High School dropout making $80,000 a year. The idea is the same for both bachelor degrees and college diplomas, however as substantially less people get bachelors and college diploma’s than high school diplomas the difference is…

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