Dreaming Of A Better Life Essay

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Dreaming of a Better Life
When reading “A Wall of Fire Rising”, you first need to understand the time and place of the story. The author Edwidge Danticat is a Haitian-American who was born in Haiti and later moved to Brooklyn, New York. When she was nine and still lived in Haiti she began writing. Since she lived in Haiti until she was 12 she experience a lot of things. This explains how she has so much insight to Haiti and the economy. In the story, Guy dreams of leaving his life of suffering and fly away to somewhere new on a hot air balloon a rich family owned. His son, Little Guy, is in a play as the lead character, Boukman, who gives a very inspiring speech about living freely or dying in the process. Throughout the story, every time Guy dreams of living a happier life, the son is reciting his lines as Boukman, as if inspiring his father to chase his dreams.
Guy struggles, despite a lot of his efforts to try to provide for his family. He is faced with poverty, unemployment and starvation. Guy, the father of little Guy and the husband of Lili, strived to be what he thought was the ideal man and provider. Guy’s idea of an ideal man was someone who worked full time to provide for his family. The only problem with that was the jobs at the sugar mill were scarce, to the point where you had to be put on a waiting list that could take up to a year to get one day’s work.
At the beginning of this story, Guy comes home for the day with some news to share, but does not get to do…

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