Deluxe Corporation Essay

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Section 1: DELUXE Corporation     1.1. 1.2. 1.3. 1.4. Company Business Overview Macro-Evironment & Industry SWOT Analysis Porter's Five Forces

Section 2: Business & Strategy Risks / Financing Requirements Section 3: Main Objectives of the Financial Policy Section 4: Financial Flexibility – Cost of Capital

Section 5: Is Deluxe’s Current Debt Level Appropriate ?

Section 6: FRICTO Analysis

Section 7: Conclusion - Recommendations


Section 1: DELUXE Corporation 1.1. Company Business Overview
Deluxe Corporation (NYSE: DLX) is one of the two largest check printers in the United States, and provides various personalized products and services to small businesses, financial institutions, and
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So the risk will be higher if the two other large check companies merge and hence control the market. Besides and due to the change from the printing of check to the use of credit cards and electronic services of payment by the means of internet, the major risk that came across and bothered Deluxe to thrive and grow. If the CEO Mosner is clear-sighted in the forecast of the end of the paper check activity, thus it is likely that E-funds would be the industry which would supplant the paper check industry of check of paper. Another risk which puts in danger the growth of Deluxe is the lack of diversification, by resulting both companies particularly the abolition of the consulting service company iDLX Technology which is identified as the total risk of investment. By throwing back the consulting service company which would have got an additional activity other one than of the payment to which DC is dependent, the company credibly goes towards deadlock. So for the coming years, the company should have a based financial flexibility allowing financing the major capital need short-term as the marketing expenses suited, at the same time as guaranteeing the value for the shareholders. The company could also take advantage of its credit

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