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A concentration camp is where prisoners of war, enemy aliens, and

political prisoners are detained and confined, typically under harsh

conditions, or place or situation characterized by extremely harsh

conditions. The first concentration camps were established in 1933 for

confinement of opponents of the Nazi Party. The supposed opposition soon

included all Jews, Gypsies, and certain other groups. By 1939 there were six

camps: Dachau, Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, Mauthausen, Flossenburg, and



Auschwitz, or Auschwitz-Birkenau, is the best-known of all Nazi death

camps, though Auschwitz was just one of six extermination camps. It was also

a labor concentration camp, extracting prisoners' value
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Every morning these

prisoners had to endure roll call whereby they would stand for hours at

attention outdoors in the cold, wind, and rain or snow. Anyone who fell was

gassed. By the time the Auschwitz was destroyed and liberated in the summer

of 1944 , over 1.5 million Jews and 4 million people in total were murdered

at Auschwitz. Hess was arrested and tried at Nuremberg where he was convicted

and summarily hanged in 1947.

This is a version of the now famous story of the Polish dancer named

Horowitz, who bravely attacks an SS guard named Schillinger while he is

trying to force her to undress in the gas chamber, disguised as a shower. She

kills Schillinger with his own gun and wounds another guard before she is

machine-gunned to her own death. Roza Robota, who is hanged with three other

women for her role in the Birkenau Sonderkommando Uprising, just weeks before

all three Auschwitz camps are evacuated.

A list of some of the first camps and facts concerning them are shown on the

following pages. Many of these camps would later become death camps (Dachau,

Buchenwald most notably).


Created on July 15, 1937. First Commandant: Karl Koch. 86,000 inmates at its

peak. 240,000 people passed through its camps and sub-camps. Separate camps

for Poles, children, Gypsies, etc. Used for mass murder of Soviet POW's.

Total death

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