Comparing The Book ' Kindred And A Video Of An Escapee From The Camp 14

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Slavery. Back in the days, there was nothing that can be compared to its cruelty. But over 100 years after the slavery ended, a practice of extreme inhumane act appeared. It’s a prison camp from North Korea and named Camp 14. The methods that was used against slaves and prisoners are not all the same but both have the same goal. The comparing and contrasting will be done upon a book called Kindred and a video of an escapee from the Camp 14. The book Kindred is about slavery. It said a lot about the circumstances of what it was like to be a slave in the antebellum South. Also, the video compared to is about a man named Shin, a North Korean prisoner of Camp 14, who ran away to get his own freedom to China. Both the book and video explained stuff such as living conditions, family matters, education and rights and punishments. According to the facts of Camp 14 that Shin shared, the slaves from antebellum South and the prisoners from Camp 14 have quite of differences and also have a lot of similarities in comparison.
First of all, both the slaves and prisoners from the camp’s living conditions and food were really poor. For the slaves, the house slaves were to sleep in the attic. And the field slaves had to sleep in floorless cabins. Also, the house slaves are better off than field slaves. Because they get to eat leftovers from white owners, which is much better than the food given to other slaves on the field. According to the book Kindred, slaves went the cookhouse trying to…

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