Comparative Essay on Patty and Anne

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The Lives of Patty and Anne While the lives of Patty Bergen and Anne Frank shared many similarities such as their relationships with their families and their love lives, Patty’s and Anne’s experiences with captivity could not have been any more different. World War Two had just started in the year of 1939, when the troubles of Anne and Patty began. It all started when Hitler got elected chancellor of Germany in 1933(Wikipedia). World War Two lasted for six years, and ended in 1945. Hitler ordered the eradication of all Jewish people (Mainly in Germany). Over 6 million Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust. Jewish people were sent to concentration camps around the world, and captured Nazi’s were sent to POW camps everywhere …show more content…
During the time that Patty dealt with the troubles of hiding someone else (Anton), Anne had to go through the experience of being hidden herself. Another difference is that while Anne was hiding for fear of death, Patty was hiding Anton out of love, and to keep Anton alive. Also, both characters’ experiences involved hiding above a designated room n a secret hideaway; but Patty’s experience was above her garage and Anne’s above an old spice shop (Greene) (Diary of Anne Frank). Both Patty and Anne dealt with the risk of hiding, and both suffered the consequences; Patty at the reformatory school, and Anne at the concentration camp. When the topic of captivity is discussed, Patty and Anne have more differences, but when talking about their relationships with family, they have more similarities. On one hand, we have Patty. Patty dislikes both her parents. Who can blame her, her father both physically and mentally abuses her, and her mother wishes she was unreasonably perfect. Patty also loves her grandparents. On the other hand, we have Anne. Anne absolutely loves her father, but doesn’t have quite as strong of a relationship with her mother. Anne’s father amuses, while Patty’s father abuses. Both Patty and Anne’s mothers like their other sibling more. Another difference is that Patty has a younger sister, and Anne has an older sister. Also, in both cases, the sibling is generally favored among

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