Essay about Case Study : Apple 's Business

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Requirement 1
Apple’s business model to create and deliver value is based on environmentally conscious made products and treating their employees right. They strive to make their products and processes to make those products as environmentally friendly and ethically as possible. They are aware of their planet’s precious and limited resources and do not want to leave a large carbon footprint on the ecosystem. They purposefully leave things they know are harmful to the environment out of their products. Like mercury, lead, and Brominated flame retardants for example. They also want to help their employees by making sure they can receive an education. According to their website, ever since 2008, over 861,000 workers have been able to use their Supplier Employee Education and Development (SEED) program to get an education, which offers free courses including economics and English. They also require every supplier that they do business with to have a devotion to protecting workers’ rights. One example of this is that they cannot exceed a 60 hour work week and having safe workplaces.
Apple’s business strategy to differentiate itself from its competitors is based on being more environmentally friendly than the competition, innovative, and transparency. They want to distinguish themselves by working harder to be environmentally friendly by consistently fortifying their Supplier Code of Conduct to apply their high social and environmental ethics throughout their supply chain. They…

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