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Improving Productivity Using IT - Level 2

Scenario Assignment Sample Test 1

Version SampleMQTB/1.0/IP2/v1.0_MS2010

This test is divided into two parts. You MUST complete the Performance part before the
Knowledge part.

You must read through the whole scenario assignment before starting.

The time allowed for the Performance part and the Knowledge part is one hour.

In the Performance part of the test, you will carry out tasks based on a scenario using an application of your choice. It is recommended that you allow approximately 45 minutes to complete the Performance part of the test. The pass mark for this part of the test is 75%.

In the Knowledge part of the test, you will answer some questions, which relate to the
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Instructions are given to save the file but good practice dictates that you should save your work regularly during the assignment.

B1.5 During the assignment you will be expected to:

• Create a letter.

• Insert a date that will update.

• Insert a graphical illustration.

• Insert, move and delete text.

• Apply formatting to text.

• Find and replace text.

• Insert a page break.

• Add mail merge fields to a document.

• Send one document to many recipients.

There are two files for the assignment:

• Interview Applicants.

• Interview Letter:

B1.3 Open the file Interview Applicants from your Learner Drive.

o Save the file to your Learner Drive as Interview Applicants, adding your initials at the end of the filename – for example, Interview Applicants AZ.

o The table heading row should have bold formatting applied. o The Applicant Number column should be deleted. o The Title column should be moved so that it is the first column in the table. o The Job Description column should contain the text Examination
Invigilator for ALL applicants.

o In the Interview Date column, change the dates ONLY to display in uppercase.

o Ensure that ALL columns are wide enough to display ALL the data. o Set the width of the Interview Date column to be 2.75cm (1.08 inches).

o Remove the title, name and address data from the record for Alan Lewis and replace it with your own title, name and address.

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