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1. Daily living issues and cultural profiles of major markets 2. The cultural landscape of guanxi across Asia 3. Cultural profiles of key cities and/or regions 4. Making a positive first impression in an unfamiliar cultural context 5. Business meetings and negotiations 6. Mianzi: giving and losing face 7. Cross-cultural team building and leadership 8. 1. Respect the business card. 9. The Chinese place a great deal of emphasis on the formality of exchanging business cards. 10. When Chinese individuals give their cards to someone, they often present it with both hands. To be courteous, you should receive business cards with both hands. Never put the card away immediately in your wallet or briefcase. …show more content…
But it is not the case in China. 20. For the Chinese, a lack of steady eye contact is not an indication of lack of attention or respect. On the contrary, because of the authoritarian nature of the Chinese society, steady eye contact is viewed as inappropriate, especially when subordinates talk with their superiors. 21. Eye contact is sometimes viewed as a gesture of challenge or defiance; so the Chinese often talk while looking downward. 22. 5. Make friends first, do business later. 23. Americans pride themselves on getting straight to the point. We want to cut to the chase. We haven’t got all day. This is not the Chinese way at all. 24. The Chinese like small talk and pleasantries. They want to learn more about you. Initial meetings are rarely expected to produce results. One salesman took seven trips before he got a retailer to carry his merchandise. A Chinese chief engineer told my client that he should make friends first before worrying about doing business. 25. Chinese sales people routinely wine and dine prospects before they sit down to talk business. It is not in your self-interest to cut to the chase too fast. Let people feel “connected” with you before you proceed. 26. 6. Speak slowly. 27. Because English is the international language of commerce, we often forget how hard it is for non-English speakers to understand us. 28. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are speaking a mile a minute.

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