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A research proposal is an overall plan, scheme, structure and strategy designed to obtain answers to the research questions or problems which constitute your research project. A research proposal should outline the various tasks that you plan to undertake to fulfil your research objectives, test hypotheses or obtain answers to your research questions. It also should state your reasons for undertaking the study. Broadly a research proposal’s two main functions are to:

* Outline the operational plan for obtaining answers to your research questions * Specify and ensure the methodology for control of variance. (This is a technical function and is important for those studies
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* Convinces your research supervisor or a reviewer that your proposed methodology is meritorious, valid, appropriate and workable in terms of obtaining answers to your research questions or objectives.

Your proposal should follow the suggested guidelines and be written in an academic style. It must contain appropriate references in the body the text and a bibliography at the end. Your survey of the relevant literature should cover major publications on the topic. The theoretical framework for your study must emerge from this literature review and must have its grounding in empirical evidence. As a rule, the literature review includes:

* A conceptual framework, and theoretical and empirical information about the main issues under study * Some of the major research findings relating to your topic, research questions raised in the literature, and gaps identified by previous researchers.

A literature review also raises issues relating to methodology. For example, it could examine how often studies operationalised the major variables of relevance to your study , and it could include a critique of methodology relevant to your study. The critiques of methods and procedures should be discussed under their respective headings. For

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