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Here are CXC past paper type reading comprehension questions
These questions do not have any suggested answers. You should attempt to answer them to give yourself practice on CXC type reading comprension questions. These are the types of questions that will appear in section 2, paper 2 of the English A exam. |
1. Read the following extract carefully and then answer all the questions set on it.Pita panicked. There was nothing he could do. He was trapped. Trapped with hundreds of others. The monster had come and was slowly, surely dragging them from the deep. He swam through the excited crowd to try the bottom. Then he tried the top again. The great monster had encircled them completely. There were millions of holes in its great hands, but
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(1 mark)
Suggested answer
a) 'He' refers to the fish or PitaQuestion
b) What effect is the author trying to create by using short sentences in the passage?(2 marks)
Suggested answer
b) The writer is trying to create suspense/tension/fast-moving action.Question
c) State ONE word which could describe Pita's feelings when he realised, There were millions of holes ... but none large enough. (2 marks)
c) Alarm/anxiety/frustration/desperation.Question
d) Why does the author repeat 'squeezed' in line 6? (3 marks)
Suggested answer
d) The word is repeated to show the tremendous effort the fish is making in its bid to escape.Question
e) Who or what does the 'monster' refer to? (2 marks)
Suggested answer
e) The 'monster' is the netQuestion
f) Why does the writer use 'fateful' to describe the shore? (2 marks)
Suggested answer
f) The word is used because that is where the fate of the fish was decided/where death took place.Question
g) Why does Pita utter a cry of joy? (1 mark)
Suggested answer
g) Pita utters a cry of joy as he was now free.Question
h) Why was 'the sound of the breakers' a bitter memory? (2 marks)
Suggested answer
h) It was the sound of the place where he would have died.You can find the original question here.2. Read the following poem carefully and and answer the questions which follow

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