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BTEC Level 3 -60credits Diploma

Unit13. Recruitment and Selection in Business

Level 3 10 Credits



You work as an administrative officer in the Human Resources department of Bailey Bus & Coach Company, a large, family-owned company located in your town. The Human Resources Manager is Ahmed Fawzi and you report directly to him.

The company has expanded a great deal in the past 12 months, mainly because of the acquisition of new contracts and the expansion of the coach tours into Europe. A development project is also ongoing which is investigating the feasibility of starting a new taxi or private hire vehicle business in the near future.

This expansion in the business
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The responsibilities of the new manager will include the obvious one of over viewing the work of the staff in the Administrative Section – delegating work to staff and managing their workload. In other words, making sure the office runs efficiently at all times. The staffs in this section are very busy indeed and there are some very tight timescales. Errors have occasionally crept in and some documents produced recently had an amateur feel to them. The superior image the company has always held must be maintained. Customers must have confidence that we will offer a professional service at all times.

It is very important that the successful learner has excellent IT skills including an expert knowledge of word processing, presentations and spreadsheets. A working knowledge of desktop publishing and databases would also be useful. It would be helpful if the new manager had a good working knowledge of an accounting package, as we are considering installing this software. Expertise in legislation and regulations for drivers, e.g. tachographs, driver hours etc, will not be required.

It is proposed that the Administrative Section will have twice weekly meetings in future, and possibly more frequently if this is found to be necessary. These are likely to be very short and the new manager is expected to chair them. The main purpose of these brief meetings will be to update everyone on what is happening, particularly to highlight

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