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■ Introduction

➢ Introduction of the assignment ➢ Introduction of the market
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Because of this, niche market is necessary. Aim to new niche market, the sanitary towel can be made for sport women.

■ The Market – Secondary Research The analysis of participant The women who are surveyed, look from age, mainly young and middle-aged, the age, it is women of disposable sanitary products mainly use the crowd; From the point of marital status, single women and married women flat; From the point of income, monthly income in 3001-5000 Yuan, the number of up to 40.16%, the second is 1000-3000 Yuan... The analysis of service condition 90.9% of women use sanitary towel, use tampons accounted for only participates in 2.2% of the total, 6.9% of people with health supplies are used inside and outside. These shows, the vast majority of women are willing to choose external menstrual health supplies. 39.33% of women happened due to use sanitary towel or sanitary pads infection occurs. Because of the sanitary towel or sanitary pads quality problem and the proportion of infection, inflammation, the largest at 17%. 44.11% of women are replaced every two to three hours a sanitary towel; 9.49% of women in addition to the menstrual use sanitary pads every day; 21.02% of women often use with the fragrance of a drug or sanitary towel and sanitary pads The analysis of demand and taste 25.61% of women consumers are currently on the market of

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