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,P2- describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses

Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting organisations.

What are stakeholders?

Stakeholders are people who have an interest in how an organisation is run and the decisions it makes. The interest each stakeholder will have in a business will vary according to their ‘stake’. Stakeholders in a business benefit from their involvement with it for example:

The business provides jobs and the community benefits. Employees earn money they can spend on goods and services. Customers buy the goods/services provided by the business. Government collects tax from the business.

Who are the stakeholders of
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The customers put all of the profit into Oxfam by buying all of the products, so without the customers Oxfam could not run because no money would be going into the charity.

Suppliers: The suppliers who provide resources for Oxfam are stakeholders. They have barely any influence on the main aims of the organisation, the only influence they have would be on how eco friendly the company is and how far their resources have travelled. The suppliers also try to provide the products at good prices to try and maintain the company’s respect and loyalty.

The Community: The Community who donate and volunteer for Oxfam are stakeholders; their role is to attend events set up by Oxfam. They have a minimal influence of the organisations aims and objectives. Oxfam has a big impact on the community, the community are interested in Burger King because they provide jobs. So many jobs are provided due to the large amount of branches they own. This affects the local economy because the locals are receiving money from Burger King through the jobs they are doing and are also taxed by the government on the money they are receiving. Burger King effects the population by bringing people to a certain area just to use their restaurants.

Owners: The owners in Tesco, like Oxfam, are the most important and have the biggest stake. They own the entire company, in this case the partnership, and set goals for managers to achieve.

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