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Day 1 – Introduction – Interpersonal communication is a very integral part of our lives, both at home and in public/work. Each person has their own communication standards and we can all attest to the fact that we communicate differently at home vs. at the workplace. During these next 5 days, we will discuss important topics that fall under the following interpersonal communication categories; Language, nonverbal communication, listening and emotions. Before each category of discussion, I will provide you with a basic outline of what the day will entail. We only have an hour per day/category so we will need to be efficient with our time. Notice that I bolded the word efficient, this is because each topic we discuss will all work toward a …show more content…
As we all know, language is defined as the words and symbols that we use to communicate things. In his book on interpersonal communication, Ronal Adler talks more about the impact of language. There are 4 different impacts of language.
The first is naming & identity. Defined by Adler as more than just identification, but also the formation of how others view us, how we view ourselves and how we act. Names can many times define our place in society, as studies have shown that once popular names are caught on to by high income families, they tend to stick in that socioeconomic class (Adler, 2009, p.149). Naming can also distinguish between races is some cases. In another study that took place in California, over 40 % of black girls born had names that not one single white baby girl had. (Adler, 2009, p.149) These numbers just go to show you how much naming and identity can play a role on not just your identity, but the way you view others and yourself, and how you act.
The next impact of language is affiliation. Affiliation is defined as belonging to a certain group or party of which share similar characteristics to yourself. The way you speak can say a lot about you. When you are at work, the expressions and ideas that you give off can help people get an idea of who you affiliate yourself with. At home, around family and friends, people already know who you affiliated with, and it is

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