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Assignment 1 Principles of Management Course Code : MGT 1401

1.1 Introduction
Management is an organization and coordination of the activities of a business in order to achieve defined objectives.Management is often included as a factor of production such as machines , materials or money. Besides that, basic task includes both marketing and innovation.Management consists of the interlocking functions such as organizing,planning,controlling and leading an organizations resources in order to achieve the objectives of that policy. The person who is responsible for running an organization is a
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It is also give them opportunity to focus on their ideas.
Reflective leadership is the key to creating a relationship-based organization. It is characterized by three important skills such as self-awareness ,careful observation and flexible response.
Self-awareness refers to a leader’s ability to know herself, her strengths, and her limitations. It implies that a leader is interested in, and committed to, examining her own reactions, thoughts, and feelings about the work.
Careful observation means that leaders are skilled at deciphering the meaning of what they are seeing and hearing. Leaders wonder about the meaning of their own and others’ behavior, tones of voice, body language, or reactions. They ask themselves, “Why might this be happening?” and solicit more information.
Flexible responses require that leaders know their staff—what their personal styles are, how they work best, what motivates them. Leaders can then approach each professional in a way that reflects that particular staff member’s needs, strengths, and areas for development. Flexible responses are the most basic—and sometimes most difficult—expression of mutual respect in our relationships with staff members. * Action
A manager taking an initiative action at improving business performance. Focuses on planning and organizing the actions and work activities of others and

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