Business Research Essay

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Current Events In Business Research
Week 1
Describe the business research process followed in the study in the article. * Identify the research problem and the research method used. * Discuss how the research is solving the problem within the chosen functional area. * Identify other potential applications using business research within this functional area or related areas.

In this paper I will discuss business research process by defining the process of how business is done at my workplace. The job that I am experiencing now is the company Granite and Marble Warehouse which is a place of business where we sell Marble, Granite, Quartz, Tile, and so much more. The company is a very good company, because most of
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The research in this problem is that the company does not need to make decisions that are personal, because the company is a private, family owned business, and when this occurs the company can basically do what they want without anyone knowing. This means that the company can go by the laws that are provided by the government, but this does means that they can do anything they want when it comes to running their business. The research solving the problem within chosen functional area would be that the company needs to take a different route in order to achieve what is best. The reason I came with this is because many of the business processes that the company has used before never achieved the plan that was in place whether it is company rules, company policies or customer policies.
There are many potential applications using business research in my job related area. Potential applications such as Customer Services and Marketing, and the reason these are potential applications is because the company has a lot more growing to do since their business is making good profits now at this point. I do think that the business could be better if they use the research methods in order to achieve which are Discover the Management dilemma, Define the Management Question, Define the Research question, and Refine the Research

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