Business Research Process Essay

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Business Research Ethics
Dr Debra Bacon

Business Research Ethics Webster’s Dictionary defines ethics as a set of moral principles: a theory or system of moral values.”(Merriam-Webster, 2011) Every person has ethics that he or she lives by and sometimes in the business world many unethical business transaction occur. The idea of an unethical business practices to gain a statistical advantage is not a new idea. As the countries economy grows the population begins to see more unethical results. The way this is done is my taking the information that is given about certain product or service and misrepresenting it make it look like a great choice. As the economies begin to boom these
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If it is proven that the company was indeed withholding research from other countries, then yes many people suffering from influenza may or will be violated. I believe that mass of amounts of patient suffering from influenza may have been saved if the pharmaceutical company research practices conducted was privy to their knowledge, which continues to endure the horrible side effects of influenza. Medical research is one example of where the statistical could be misleading if they are spun in the favor of the drugs companies. According to the article Misleading Reporting of Research Results, a widespread problem the author talks about how many people who report on the findings during the studies that have been conducted leave out important information(Gary,2010). The kind of unethical research behavior impacted the organization, the patients and society (Zall, Moyer, Dawson & Curtis, 2004). The pharmaceutical organization accumulated a mass amount of funds and profits from selling the medicine only in developed countries. The revenue accumulated which is unethical. Dr. Howard Johnson the professor working the pharmaceutical organization, was now caught up in a ethical dilemma, whether he should release and divulge the research work he conducted for developing countries to gain patients better services, or whether he should not release and continue his research. Base on Dr. Johnson dilemma, society as a whole was

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