Business Research Methods Essay

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Case Study #1 AAA Inc.
1. How could AAA have avoided the problems it experienced with Comstock?
2. What are the potential implications of the type of contract AAA used? Discuss
3. How could AAA have improved its approach to sourcing in this case?
4. What should AAA do now? Discuss
Case Study #2 Better Late Than Never Bid
1. Did Lisa do the right thing? Was it ethical? Should she be commended for saving $6000?
There are different aspects of the case that may be assessed as ethical or unethical relative to the orientation of the analyst. Deciding whether or not Lisa Evans was ethical requires reflective analysis of the factors that affected her decision.
In a book written by Treviño and Nelson (2004), three approaches were
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The consequences of her action may result to a more complex and harmful effect to others. Lisa has treated the three original bidders without merit. Disregarding their right for a fair treatment deprives them to enjoy equal opportunity to compete and gain revenue.
Further, Lisa may have compromised her integrity by deciding alone on the matter at hand. The intention of Lisa may not have been well established in the given facts but one may assume that her motivation to favor Praire is rooted on a personal interest. Thus, commending Lisa for saving funds is not appropriate.
2. Would it have made any difference if the original bid opening had been public?
Opening the bid to the public will serve as advantage for Central as it will widen their choice of suppliers. If Lisa decided not to limit the invitation, unethical practices could have been avoided. Generally, the number of suppliers determines the availability of good prices. Consequently, Central will not be dependent on Praire who have previously done most of their lockers.
On the other hand, Lisa’s motivation to this bid will play as crucial determinant whether or not opening it to the public will make a difference in this case. If Lisa’s intention was not to save the Central’s budget but for personal gain, Praire would still win the bid notwithstanding the availability of lower bids.
3. How might this look to the original bidders?
The unfair treatment made by Lisa

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