Essay on Business Law and Ethics Case Study

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Part A (a): Ethical dilemma

Should Tom tell Michael that Brenda is breaking the rules/law.

Ethical egoism

Under ethical egoism, Tom should tell Michael what Brenda is doing, as he is feeling worried and guilty and this would ease his mind. He could also gain benefits from Michael. Tom would do this because he is promoting his well being above everyone else’s (QUT, 2011).


Under Utilitarianism, Tom should tell Michael about Brenda and Mary’s arrangement, because Utilitarianism states that an action is right if it leads to the best possible balance of good consequences over bad consequences for all the parties affected (Lindemann, 2012). The most relevant feature of happiness identified by Bentham, in this
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I was in this stage because I understand that a good citizen is supposed to follow the law.

Part A (c) Would I get 100% if I used Samantha’s assignment?

I was in Level 1, Stage 2 of Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development. I was in this stage because I only cared if there was a benefit for me.
Part A(d) How would my fellow students think if I used Samantha’s assignment?

I was in Level 2, Stage 3 of Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development. I was in this stage because I was thinking about following the rules to please (or avoid being frowned upon) by the other students.

Part B (a) Stakeholders

The board of directors are stakeholders of James Softly because they work for the company and n return expect to get paid. The second group of stakeholders are members of the building industry because they spend money and expect to get a product in return, which in turn allows them to make a living. The third group of stakeholders are the shareholders of James Softly because they have invested capital and in return expect profits or dividends. The fourth stakeholder group is homeowners (or the community) as they want the goods and jobs produced by James Softly in return for their support and money.

Part B (b) Decision using Friedman’s arguments

I would agree with the decision James Softly made by removing the affected products. Using the theory of Milton Friedman this decision can be justified by using the

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