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When an organization truly wants to create a positive work environment that is based on high trust, exceptional customer service, collaborative teamwork, operational excellence, and creative problem solving, then the leadership team must begin to understand, invest in, and be responsive to the needs of the group that represents the organization’s most valuable assets, and is also one of its most important customers, the employees. The return on such nominal investments will come in the form of higher levels of employee motivation, creativity, productivity, and commitment that will move the organization forward with greater profitability.

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1.2 What is Employee Involvement and Empowerment?

One of the greatest underlying factors in the success or failure of any organization is the power of its people, and how well that power is focused towards meeting the organization’s objectives. Modern manufacturing management pursues the goal of a paperless factory, with design concepts moving from an engineering computer – aided – design terminal through data links to a computer – aided – manufacturing terminal, which in turn drives a numerically controlled machine.
The above factory automation example notwithstanding, all companies operate on the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. Even in a fully automated factory, employees have to design, maintain, and operate the systems that create output. Organizations that can tap the strengths of their people will be stronger and more competitive than those that cannot. Organizations that regard people as automatons or mere cogs in a wheel will never realize their full potential. In the long run, such companies’ inefficiencies attract competition, and unless the management philosophy changes, they will disappear.
Employee involvement is a process for empowering employees to participate in managerial decision-making and improvement activities appropriate to their levels in the organization. Since McGregor’s Theory Y first brought to managers the idea of a participative management style, employee involvement has taken many

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