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COMM 491
Summer 2015
Team Presentation 1
Industry Analysis Presentation

Due: Wednesday, July 29, 8:30am; submitted via email to , and presented in class

Format: Presentation: 10 minute in-class presentation of your industry analysis; I would recommend no more than 15 slides (aside from the opening slide and a “thank you/ questions” slide). Each member of your team must be present and must contribute to the presentation, unless other circumstances prevent. Worth 10% of your final grade. Please, no “Presi,” we’re all sick of it, and it isn’t “cool” anymore.

Filename protocol: In order to distinguish your file from every other groups, you must name your submitted file as such:
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I have provided an example (an Excel template) on Connect (Class 3) for you to reference as to how to do it. The points should be brief, yet be clear enough to understand the intent. You can show the entire graphic from Excel on one slide, then copy each of the appropriate forces into a separate slide for more detailed discussion if you wish.

Finally, summarize the opportunity for your team to enter the industry. Is it a favourable market for you to enter, or not? Is time a factor? In other words, is it a bad time now, but that is expected to change in the future, and if so, when? Or, is it a good time now, but the window is short (for a specified reason)?

Here is the grading rubric:

1. Provide a brief description of the industry being analyzed. How big is it? Who are the main competitors? What is the approximate market share for each? How rapidly is the industry growing? What major changes are expected in technology? In general, who does the industry serve? Who are the customers? Describe them. 5 points.

2. Perform a five-factor (or six if appropriate) analysis, using the template provided on Connect (in the Modules for Class 3; excel spreadsheet, Sample_ExpressCourierIndustry). Identify the key variables under each factor and their direction of influence (positive or negative) upon the factor. 15 points.

3. Discuss the variables and the direction of impact for each of the five factors. Structure the discussion to

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