Bullying : A Very Big And Troubling Issue Essay

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Bullying, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or even online, is a very big and troubling issue in the United States today. Throughout the many years of elementary, middle, and high school, odds are most people came across a situation that would be classified as bullying. The problem with this is that very few people actually do something about it. I have seen the effects of what bullying can do to a person, especially someone who is already self-conscious.
Summer camp, after fifth grade, I witnessed someone my age being bullied. He started attending camp during the middle of the summer, and by that time most of us already had made friends. I saw that people would purposely ignore him and make fun of him behind his back. I took matters into my own hands, became good friends with him, and remain close to this day. Bullying, especially cyber bullying, is an issue in today’s society and it continues to grow with advancements in technology. Too many people just stand by and watch bullying happen. We need to be more informed and more proactive about the subject.
There is one main difference between cyber bullying and bullying. When children are bullied at school, they can go home and escape. When children are cyber bullied, they cannot go home and escape. They are at most risk when they are at home. Cyber bullying can lead to depression, anxiety, and in extreme cases, suicide. If a bully posts something offensive on the internet about another child, it is on there for…

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