Essay on Becoming A Successful Business Woman

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I graduated Central High School in 2012 with about 700 individuals. At that moment, each one of use was about to embark on an incredible journey. My journey began with the decision to go to College in the Natural State of Arkansas. After graduation, it was just a few short months before I moved to the town of Fayetteville to pursue a Bachelor 's of Science in Business Administration at the University of Arkansas. I had chosen my major because I thought that owning my own business one day was what I was meant to do. And I was hoping to follow in my mother 's footsteps to become a successful business woman.

The Summer of 2012 was filled with excitement because I was about to experience the largest change I ever had in my life. I was going to be moving to a different state where I knew no one. Not to mention, I was a First-Generation College attendee. Therefore, I did not have the advice that most other soon-to-be College students have from their parents. But I knew that this was going to help me grow tremendously and significantly increase my independence.

By August 2012, I had officially moved to Arkansas and into my Freshman dorm room. Admittedly, that first year was hard and it really tested me. I had hit a few bumps in the road on my journey. These bumps included my roommates, my classes, and the fact that I was missing home. However, instead of letting these bumps negatively affect me, I decided to turn them into learning experiences. One of those being, that I then…

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