Autism : Life On The Spectrum Essay

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Autism: Life on the Spectrum Autism is a spectrum condition which means that the way that it affects each person is different. It is a brain disorder that affects the way the brain uses and transmits information and is a lifelong developmental disability. People that are diagnosed with being on the spectrum will be affected by it for their entire life. Being on a spectrum means that the symptoms can range from mild to severe. “While a person with autism can have symptoms ranging from mild to severe, about 10% have an extraordinary ability in one area, such as in mathematics, memory, music, or art (Turkington).” Some of the common impairments for a person that is on the ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, are social interaction, communication, repetitive behavior, sensory problems, and have medical issues. There have been studies that have shown that with proper treatment such as educational and behavioral treatment or medication, a person with autism can improve significantly. By reading just this little bit of data one can already begin to imagine what it is like to step inside a person’s shoes who is living with autism. Social interaction is the most common symptom of autism. Most people with autism have an inability to pick up on social cues. Such as people’s emotions with empathy or a concerned attitude. One may also not understand when a person is making a joke or they may not understand why it is funny. Also, they can have impairment in the use of nonverbal…

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