Auschwitz : Nazi Concentration Camp Essay

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Auschwitz Auschwitz was opened in 1940 and was the largest Nazi concentration camp and death camp out of all concentration and death camps throughout Europe. As the years went on, Auschwitz later opened two more camp sites that would hold of Jewish prisoners for labor. Later, Auschwitz I and II were converted into museums (shortly after the camp was abandoned by the Nazi’s and discovered by the Soviet army).The Auschwitz concentration camp was more brutal than others because of the numbers of people, torture methods, and the number of executions. The first thing that separated Auschwitz from all camps was the number of people that came to Auschwitz. Auschwitz was located in an industrial town in southern Poland, which explains why Polish was the second highest race at Auschwitz. Ninety percent of all the prisoners that went to Auschwitz were Jewish and the rest consisted of multiple races from all over Europe. Trains were frequently arriving with Jewish prisoners from every country in Europe or allied with Germany. Auschwitz was constructed to serve three purposes. One purpose was to incarnate, real and perceived enemies of the Nazi regime. Another was to have an available supply of laborer for any SS construction zone. And finally, to serve as a site to physically eliminate small, targeted groups of the population whose death was up to the SS (“Auschwitz” Holocaust Encyclopedia). All three camps deployed prisoners to the three different Auschwitz camps, providing labor…

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