Essay on Antibiotics Are Life Saving Drugs

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Antibiotics How do you feel about antibiotics? Are they helpful or are they harmful, are they safe or are they dangerous? The current situation we are dealing with right now is should everyone have access to antibiotics in their homes. Today as of 2016 “antibiotics are life-saving drugs” (Dryden, M) but can be harmful if we don’t use them correctly. “Everyone prescribing antibiotics should consider both their clinical and public health responsibilities” (Dryden, M) because antibiotics are not something to fool around with. Antibiotics are needed drugs and the whole world depends on them. If we didn’t have antibiotics there would be many more casualties from bacterial infections then there are now. This problem is important because antibiotic-resistant bacteria are very concerning. “Around 25,000 people a year die from antibiotic-resistant infections” (Cumming-Bruce, Nick) and that number isn’t slowing down. I was drawn to this topic because it is a worldwide problem that we need to fix together and with that being said here is my thesis. How can we prevent antibiotic-resistant bacteria? We can prevent antibiotic-resistant bacteria by (1) prescribing and taking antibiotics responsibly, (2) not taking antibiotics when we don’t need them, and (3) keeping antibiotics away from children unless they need antibiotics. In the next paragraph I will explain to you even more about this problem. “Bacteria are a necessary part of life” (Klosterman, Lorrie) but some…

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