Analysis Of The Film ' Jesus Camp ' Essay

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The word culture in colloquial terms can have various meanings, from a hierarchy of culture to an acquired trait. This can lead to an ethnocentric view of different demographics, where culture is selected as a standard to compare other cultures to. However, a more accurate definition of culture is “… [a learned set] of ideas and behaviors that are acquired by people as members of society” (Lavenda and Schulz, p.16). Using this definition, one can develop a cultural relativism attitude towards different cultures, where “…specific beliefs and practices [are interpreted] in the context of the culture to which they belong” (Lavenda and Schulz, p.23). This is important when trying to understand different social groups’ culture, such as the Evangelicals presented in the film, Jesus Camp. In this film, the Evangelicals were presented in a negative light, portraying their practices as extremist and crude through editing and cinematography. However, these opinions of the social group are those of an ethnocentric perspective. By using a cultural relativistic perspective towards the Evangelical Christians, one may realize that their actions in the film are similar to other religions and cultures.
One similarity between Evangelicalism and other religions is the purpose of rituals and the human body. In the film, the Evangelicals spoke in tongues as a means to communicate with God and conducted a ritual to cleanse both their camp space and equipment. This use of rituals and the human…

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