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“We’ve got to get rid of the bad apples,” “Some people call me a bad apple. . ., “ “This is just a few bad apples” (Achbar). These words radiate a common message throughout the documentary “The Corporation,” as directors Achbar and Abbott undeniably portray corporations as entities without conscious. Repeatedly using the opening references of bad apples analogizes corporations to that of the serpent in the theological story of Adam and Eve.
Critical analysis of this documentary about corporations can teach the viewer about the psychology of corporate lifestyle while examining how some corporations have unleveled the alignment of corporate and employee goals. What is the force of such behavior? How and why has this mentality persisted? And how have the minds of stakeholders been changed by the actions of these corporate giants?
Approximately 145 minutes, The Corporation represents a journey of the corporation as well as a superficial view of the degradation of public trust and failure to comply with social norms. Within the few five minutes alone, the narrator implies that a corporation is in itself a contradiction, generating fortune at the cost of societal injury. Additionally, throughout the documentary’s viewing, there is an implication that corporations are two-headed beasts that will do anything for a profit, while covertly distracting stakeholders by appearing to become stewards of the land by adopting social responsibility.
Contrary to this documentary, McShane…

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